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Your Hub Explained

Your Hub is our information place.  It is a new, more open approach to show our landlords, vendors and tenants exactly how we are working for them 24 / 7. Each landlord, vendor and tenant can create a unique log-in for our database that allows them to see everything about their property.

You would think it would be something all estate agents would do, but they don’t, you have to ask for it, or just assume they are doing it.

For Vendors and Landlords

  • Viewings booked
  • Feedback from the viewings
  • E-mails sent out
  • Telephone calls made about their property
  • Number of times their property has been clicked
  • Download full property reports
  • All updated instantly

For Tenants

  • Download and upload application forms and agreements
  • Make payments
  • Report repairs
  • Plus lots more

There is also a clever document storage section for our vendors, landlords, and tenants to upload important documents to.

No other agency in Manchester is as honest and open about how hard they are working to get your property under offer or let. In other words:

“Don’t take our word for it – log in and see it”